Hello, Jive Chaps!

Hello Saints and Ain'ts!

I'm feeling better today, not remotely bad.  I've come to realize that I need not beat myself up this week.  I think I did enough of that last week.

And the week befo'.

Right now, I'm posted up in the Den of Inequity doing what one does in my situation:  apply for ALL the jobs!  Methinks I've put in for about 50+ jobs.  All the interviews I've had have been dealerships.  Apparently, car lots need humans.  I am a human.  Truth be told, I would much prefer a 9-5, 8-4 or something of the sort.  Alas, I cannot turn down jobs if they pay well.  The market likes to hire people who are already working..instead of people who are NOT working and could thus start working almost immediately.


The job market right now is not BAD, but it's really petty in Memphis.  Getting to an interview on your own merit is really rough, but not impossible.  Thus far, trying to get somewhere on my own merit seems to be tough.  I've sold myself, tweaked the resumes, bought grown woman clothes, all of that.  Thus far, it's only gotten me to dealerships.  Could King Jesus be like "sell these cars" or something?

I dunno yet.

I'll let you know when I get an answer.

Nevertheless, I'm still searching for THE gig and won't really stop doing so until I get THE gig.  Grandma thinks I'll get a job soon, then get another call not long after.  I hope she's right.  My confidence is still a little shaken from the first interview I had in March, so I try not to let myself get overwhelmingly geeked up.  Hell, I thought, no I just KNEW I had that job.  Apparently, their HR felt otherwise.  Since that rejection, I've tried to keep my soul level.  Rejection is a horrible ass event.

Hopes are still high for me yet.  I spoke into the atmosphere that I'll be back on le payroll by May 2014.  I believe that this will happen.  Right now, I'm just going through le process.




Go to Chick-Fil-A and get an Arnold Palmer.


Keep your girl in your thoughts and prayers as I strive to get my grown human gig.  If you know of anything or if your job is hiring, hit me up.  I'll be in one of the aforementioned stages.



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