Some Thoughts Over "Shadows"

Let me begin by posting this song by Tom Scott.

Now I'm going to blog while I listen to that junt.  Yeah, that's the song Jodeci sampled for "Freek N You".

I hate racism and all its various forms.  I don't know too many people who LOVE racism, but I think I've since come to the realization that some people don't really GET it.  We had problems with racism in American long before the fateful night when Trayvon walked back to his dad's house.  We had problems with racism before Al Cowlings decided to take OJ on the scenic route home.  I'm 31 years old and I'm certain that racism has been bad much longer than that.

What bothers me now is that people are trying to convince me that it's dead and gone.  As much of an optimist as I am, I don't think it's gone anywhere.  When you still encounter situations of racism just by existing while Black, you can't really forget its really real.  I think about the time when a woman in a Collierville Kroger told me:

"Do me a favor and go shop at your OWN store.  Please do that for me.  I'm so tired of seeing Black people straggling through OUR stores.  If you want good food, then grow it yourself and let US have something.  My GOD!  Why won't you go in your own hood?"

or that time where this dude told me:

"Must be nice to have a dope boy to buy you a nice truck."

and then there's the one where the old hag said:

"Maybe you'd have an easier time raising your child if you had a husband instead of a baby daddy to help you".

Yeap.  Can't forget racism and ignorance still exist..because racists work HARD to make sure you remember.

**restarts "Shadows"**

The fact of the matter is that race is always front and center.  How can we get to the point where racism isn't a problem?  I don't know.  Maybe it's because it would require changing the minds and hearts of humans that you simply can't control.  The reason I say this is because they know when they say or do racist shit, it's based on stereotypes and discriminatory thoughts.  When dude told me a dope boy bought my Yukon, he knew good and hell well that not all Black women in Yukons had a dope boy financier.

Shiiiiid, I wish I did sell enough weed to pay this bad boy in full!

That bat that told me I'd have an easier time raising my child if I had a husband instead of a baby daddy to help me knew that bad ass kids come from married, two-parent homes too.  Besides, when she said that shiggity, Lex was sitting quietly in the basket blinking at she didn't even know if my child was hard to raise or not.

Any person with common sense knows that stereotypes are just that...stereotypes.  How can you group all Black people into one group and figure that you know us all?  That's why I'm inclined to think racists are crazy as a bag full of cats...because you are for real hating me based on my color and what you think you know about some of us.

SOME of us.

**decides to listen to "Blurred Lines"**
**gets up like Pharrell told me to**

And my man damie Cedric and I have agreed that you shouldn't try to figure out crazy.

Alas, this is one subject that I can't just shake off.  Because racism has manifested itself in a different manner.  The racist has traded the hoods for suits...and they aren't always just plain damn stupid...they have law degrees and licenses to practice various disciplines.  The new racist doesn't come out and tell you they have a problem with people of color because that'll mess up what THEY have.  That new breed o' racist will shake your hand, hire you and keep his/her foot on your neck to hold you back.

While I don't walk around trying to find out who is racist or not, it doesn't mean I don't have passing thoughts about it.  I don't blame every lost job opportunity on racism.  I don't assume all White people fear or hate me because of my skin.  I don't secretly wonder which of my White friends only like me but wouldn't like my other friends of distinction.  But if you're Black in America, you can't help but to think about it from time to time.

Didn't mean to get all heavy today, but I had to let it out.  The ignorance has been at *raises hand over head* THIS level for a few weeks now...and I get tired of trying to stay calm and unfazed.

I really, REALLY don't like racists...and tune in tomorrow when I tell you how much I hate ELITISTS!

With all your money and privilege...

*squints eyes*


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