Equality..How Hard is it to Understand?

Before I go into my rant. Lemme let you know where I stand right fast:

Now.  I shall roll on.

This isn't going to change.  I will not allow it to be changed.  You can flip through the pages of King James, NIV, or whatever Bible app you have and I will not change my opinion.  I'm certain that even after my blog is posted, some of my super religious cats won't change their minds either.  Thing is, I actually have enough respect for others that I simply agree to disagree.  Seldom do I, as an ally, have that respect shown in return.

Actually...come to think of it...I don't get that type of respect from any conservative because they keep thumping their Bibles.  Apparently, you aren't allowed to put it down and speak logically from your heart and mind.

I'm going to try to calm my tits and explain why I feel as I do.  Again, you may not agree, and that's fine.  But it is what it is.

1.  I believe two consenting adults should have the same rights as I do.  Back in April of 2011, my then fiance and I went down to the County Clerk on Mullins Station in the Great State of Tennessee and signed this BIG ASS GREEN ASS BOOK, paid our loot, and got a nice marriage license.  We were two grown people in love, so we took the next step in our relationship.  It feels unfair to me that two men or two women couldn't do as we did.

2.  I feel that pulling out the Bible as a tool to take away human rights sucks.  I'm not the most religious of cats in the world, but there's something inherently janky about you using a Bible to tell another human what he or she doesn't need to do.  I have also noticed that some of the biggest scripture slingers ain't following said word themselves anyways...BUT I DIGRESS.  I keep having to remind cats that there is a separation of church and state...and it needs to stay that way.  Besides, if we use the Bible as a LAW BOOK, I wouldn't be able to eat catfish...then I'd get irritated and cut a shine and so on and so forth.

3.  Again, church and state are supposed to be separate.  I just kinda said that on #2 but I'm saying it again.  The funny part is that a man and a woman can go through premarital counseling in Tennessee and even have their marriages officiated without one religious official being involved.  For true.  You don't have to deal with a church at all.  So to those all like "God sanctioned marriage", are marriages less "special" if a couple decides to cut the religious part all the way out?  Even if it's a man and a woman?  Church. State. Not together. Split. Separate. For a reason.

4.  You don't deserve a diminished quality of life for being gay.  I'm sure someone rolled their eyes at that statement, but that's fine.  By "diminished quality of life", I mean that you should have the full benefits and rights as a human being in the United States o' America.  I got married and I got to be on my husband's insurance.  If a woman lives here and wants to marry the woman she loves, she can't do it.  She can't be her wife...she can't have the benefits that I have as a wife.  Looks like she is not having access to the same quality of life that I have access to.  Shit's unfair, man.

5.  Fokes will ask a long-term shacking couple "when are you going to make it official?"  I think that should be an option for gays too.  I know of people who have been together for YEARS (gay and straight).  Should a straight couple finally decide to tie the knot...they can do it tomorrow.  My gays, not so much.  Shit's unfair.

6.  In Tennessee, you can marry your first cousin.  COME ON, SON!  YOU CAN MARRY YOUR DAMN COUSIN!  Son. Son. SON...you can marry your cousin.  The kin.  Your relative.  In Tennessee.  For true.  But you mean to tell me a grown woman can't marry the woman she loves in some states...but you can marry your damn cousin in some states.

Sorry I lost my sheet there...but yeah...it just *shudders*.  Yeah.  So you see why I feel as I do?  I don't think my blog will change many minds.  I know people are set in their ways, especially as it relates to marriage and the Bible.  But I ask people to try for a minute to see beyond religion and see logic and fairness.

(I just asked people to see beyond religion...WHOO).

Adult men and women deserve their rights.  Whether you think it or not, getting married is a right.  It really is.  It's a ceremony that takes place between two people in love, who want to commit to one another.  How fair is it to tell someone "sure you can get married as long as it's NOT a person of the same sex"?  I know some people like to be extra as hell and say "fokes will be wanting to marry their dogs or kids next and we'll have to let them".  It's always SOMEONE who will make an extreme statement to cloud people's judgment.

Look...whether you like it or not, gays aren't going anywhere.  They shouldn't have to.  Regardless of who sets your soul on fire, you are a human being.  Point blank.  Don't cast your judgmental eyes at them then go flip a pew on Sunday (or Saturday).  We are to love or at least RESPECT our neighbors.  We won't always agree with what they do, but respect them nonetheless.  You don't have to "like" their lifestyles...and I know that not "liking" their lifestyles doesn't mean you hate or fear them.

But how hard is it to simply say "you should have the right to legally do you as you WANT to do you"?

I just want all of my people happy, healthy and free to be as they want.  I want them to love who they want and marry who they want.  It's not a complicated desire.  We are all created equal, and our lawbooks need to be updated to reflect this.



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