Do YOU Know What a Friend Is?

I learned a lesson in friendship about a week ago.

I was Day Two into preparing some of the finest seats for yet another person in need of having one.  I was in the rarest of form, handing out all kinds of shade and angry bitch realness.  I was pissed, children!  I was well into the process of reading and I was preparing the READ OF ALL READS...

I was chatting with a friend in private as we were about to go knee deep into someone's entire existence when I got a nice message.

When I read it, all I could do was hang my head in shame..

..and have a seat..

As I read the words, I couldn't even formulate a rebuttal.  Each word cut through the angry bitchdom like a knife.  This wasn't one of those in need of the legendary roast that I had simmering in the Crock Pot of Shade, but this was a friend.  This friend could not sit back any longer and watch what I was doing in silence.

Each word was honest, and it couldn't be argued.  She didn't like the way I was acting.  The snarky BitchPics and the posts were not in my character.  I was better than that mess, and I did not have to stoop to the level of ignorance that was thrown at me.  My eyes scanned that message, and I closed out my blog...completely unable to be as ugly as others had been unto me.

"Damn, mane" was all I could say.

I messaged my other Partner in Roast and told her we needed to sit in the seats we had for the fools we were about to go in on.

As we joked among ourselves about why we wanted to go in and whatnot, I realized right then that one of the biggest lessons learned in that shit was the lesson of what a true friend really is.  The irony is that one of the reasons I was going in was due to a person's statement of people NOT being real friends..but yaaaas honey, I know what a real friend is all about.

I always have taken pride in having a tight circle of people who I value as friends, and I am very thankful that they are in my life.  They've been there for me through rain, sleet, snow, COUNTLESS MOVING DAYS, highs, lows and everything in between.  They had my back when the money was good and the alcohol was flowing and they had me when I was flat damn broke.  I think about the long conversations I've had...about life, love, kids, jobs, family and I can't forget those people who listened to me.  The most valued part of my friendships is that those I value the me enough to tell me when I'm wrong.

A friend can tell you the salty just as quickly as the sweet.  THAT is a friend.  That person who pulls your coattail and tell you that you were out of line.  That isn't your character...or if it IS in your character, you need to reel that shit in.  A real friend will NOT let you sit back and make THE ass of yourself.

See, some of these dudes and broads on social media aren't real friends.  They are your entourage.  Those are the cats that hype you up and keep you rambunctious because it's funny.  When you bust someone out online, they cosign and tag people..they comment "YEAH BITCH, WE TALKING ABOUT YOU" or some other incendiary foolery.  When a person with good sense chimes in to calm your tits, they turn on the person with sense.  That's gang mentality.   You are wrong, your crew is wrong, but they claim to be your people.  And everyone who tells you to act sensible is a hater?

Why would your friends let you disrespect yourself in front of company?

What good friend would let you walk out with your slip showing and not pull you to the side and adjust it?

Why would you want a circle who would help fix your slip THEN text everyone else to talk about how you walked out the house with a damn slip on in the first place?

Just imagine if a person really knew who was in his or her corner.  What if the shitstarters of the web got a message like mine telling them to respect themselves?  What if said shitstarters actually adhered to those messages of care?  Oh, and what if the 30+ year old clowns dropped the gang o' ratchet bitches and dudes chasing ass and realized these people could care less about you being mature?

Speaking for myself, I learned my lesson.  I took those words to heart and promised not to let myself be a shitstarter.  I know what my friends are about, and I know who deserves that title.  The people who wear that title are truly deserving.

It's odd that someone won't get this lesson until the other gang members are gone and grown...


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