I'm Pro-Choice. You're Pro-Life. I Respect You...But You Call Me a Murderer

Since I'm on a "Mad as Hell" tip right now, I might as well share what else pissed me off today.I have never attacked anyone for being Pro-Life. Never. Now, I will tell a Pro-Lifer if I see through their propaganda or don't appreciate their half-truths, but I won't outright say "YOU NEED TO BE PRO-CHOICE, BITCHES".As with anyone whose beliefs and opinions differ from mine, I say that I respect them. We can discuss our views, we can share our thoughts, but trust that I won't be trying to convert you and you shouldn't expect me to follow suit.So, I commented under a post by Wendi Thomas in the Commercial Appeal saying "How Can Religious Folk Be So Heartless". I didn't get to read her article (because our paper got salty that we were reading them online like a boss, so they limit you to "x" clicks per month or you must subscribe if you aren't a current print subscriber). Wendi has a nice following of humans, then she has a boatload of people who wait on her next post just to shoot off. Well, the pro-Lifers spoke their pieces, then I commented:What is so sad that many of the uber-religious want other people to live exactly as they believe in their particular households. There's nothing wrong with being pro-life and I respect the right to that belief. However, there seems to be no respect for those who are pro-choice. Since some of the religious fokes are pro-life, they want to tear down anything that goes against their own beliefs. So what if I'm pro-choice, the pro-lifers don't want me to have a right to my own body. It's sad...if you're a part of the LGBT community and/or pro-choice, the super religious don't seem to care about you..unless you change to be what they want.And some cat says "you're right Stoney (FB name), I can't get beyond genocide". Genocide. It made me mad as hell that once again, people want to draw these extreme ass references to support their viewpoints. Well, I'm not going to attack you with extremes and visuals to try to get you to cry. I'm going to say what I feel. I'm Pro-Choice because I don't like the concept of some cat(s) having a say so on my body and they don't even know me. I do not appreciate a group of people who could care less about my health, finances, home life, future or past telling me how bad of a person I am because I look out for mine. I will say that a percentage of the Uber Pro-Lifers do not even support welfare, which means that they want you to carry the child(ren) to term, but not on "their hard earned tax dollars". Some of them look down their noses in disdain for moms with several kids, but don't want the woman to have a say in her reproductive choices. I do understand that some people have religious beliefs in which they do not believe in birth control or abortion. That's fine by me and I understand this. That means, don't have an abortion or use birth control...but don't murk my right to utilize family planning methods. I will even go so far as to say that a nice chunk of the Hyper Lifers would not care if your life was in danger, as long as you don't have an abortion. Now. That is why I am Pro-Choice. I'm not going to lay a heavy story on you to make you feel bad. I'm going to say what's real. I swear...he actually said "genocide". Notice I said "he".


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