I'll be continuing to PASS THROUGH Alabama...

“The vanishing began Wednesday night, the most frightened families packing up their cars as soon as they heard the news.

They left behind mobile homes, sold fully furnished for a thousand dollars or even less. Or they just closed up and, in a gesture of optimism, left the keys with a neighbor. Dogs were fed one last time; if no home could be found, they were simply unleashed.

Two, 5, 10 years of living here, and then gone in a matter of days, to Tennessee, Illinois, Oregon, Florida, Arkansas, Mexico — who knows? Anywhere but Alabama.

The exodus of Hispanic immigrants began just hours after a federal judge in Birmingham upheld most provisions of the state’s far-reaching immigration enforcement law.”

After Ruling, Hispanics Flee an Alabama Town (via ryking)

They say that even fully documented Hispanic workers are leaving, an assessment that seems to be borne out in interviews here. The legal status of family members is often mixed — children are often American-born citizens — but the decision whether to stay rests on the weakest link.

(via wthellokitty)

Any asshole who wants to bitch about the language abilities of any immigrant can consider what it might really be like to live in this kind of fear. Consider the fact that many US’ers really have no fucking clue what it’s actually like to know that this kind of persecution is a real possibility for many people who just want a better life for themselves, then kindly sit the fuck down & shut the fuck up.

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