Express Scripts Disconnects from Walgreens Effective 2012..

So yeah, Express Scripts will be ending their partnership with Walgreens effective 2012.


People, you just don’t know how irritated this makes me. I hate when these sumbitches take away my choices. It’s bad enough that I’m a sickly bastard that NEEDS prescriptions, but now I’m being told I have to find another pharmacy.


I’m sure everyone will be like “just go to Walmart, CVS, Kroger or somewhere else”. Thing is, the few times I need meds, typically for sinus reasons, I have to go to Walgreens. Being allergic to:



And Aleve (bka-Naproxen)

..means that my illnesses have to be treated on a symptom by symptom basis, and I tend to get the runaround from other pharmacies.

This is the shit that makes me so livid. If I wanted to leave Walgreens, I would have done this years ago.

Ah well, I guess Express Scripts doesn’t care if my rare meds aren’t available elsewhere. I must be cheaper dead. But I can’t die in 2012 because I haves shit to do. Until 2012, I’ll just be mad everytime I go pick up my shit from Walgreens.



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