My Two Cents About Mike Vick

I'm certain that everyone has their views about Michael Vick and his legal woes. I would like to donate a few pennies to this situation.

First of all, I'm certain that Michael Vick is no fool. He knew that regardless of how much or how little involvement he had in the Dogfighting realm, he knew that once the other defendants plead guilty, he was over and out. Of course you know that at times, a person will sing like David Ruffin from The Temptations if he or she can avoid serious jail time.

I will, however, tell you why Michael Vick is catching the pure Hades that he is catching...and it's called PETA.

I know, I know, PETA is a group that looks out for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but I think that they don't ethically treat people well at all. Before Michael even said a word, PETA had convicted him. That is what I didn't like. Of course, my African American brothers and sisters had pulled the Race Card, but I told them to save that card for another trial, as this was not a racial issue. PETA will condemn a person because of their decision to wear fur, eat meat, or whatever. I think that throwing stones (and pies and paint) at a person because you think or heard they mistreat animals isn't exactly helping anyone.

However, that is a completely different blog.

I wish Michael Vick well in his endeavors. I hate that such a great NFL talent is going to be wasted because of a lapse in judgement. Every time he's mentioned, you can't help but to hear someone say "the NFL has suspended him indefinitely without pay" or "his $100+ million dollar contract is gone". Well, I wish that the NFL wouldn't completely drop him. However, I know that with the pressure of PETA, they just might.

In closing, I ask this question: considering the fact that there are NFL players getting into legal trouble for drug possession, drug use, domestic violence, failure to pay child support, and even DUI's, why is Michael Vick's career possibly about to end, while the men who have done the aforementioned acts get a $500,000 fine and lose nothing else???


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